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When you need a civil litigation attorney in Clearwater, FL it is important to choose a law firm with expertise in the court system and experience with a wide range of civil litigation cases.

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What is Civil Litigation?
Disputes that are formally submitted to a court, in which one party is accused to have committed a wrong, but not a crime, falls under the Civil Litigation title. Civil litigation takes many forms, depending on the type of case, but in general, this is the legal process that most people think of when the word “lawsuit” is used.

When litigation appears to be the only option, we offer a comprehensive approach so our clients know exactly what to expect through every step of the process.

How does it work?
A typical civil litigation case begins with filing a complaint in court; the other party receives notice of the complaint and is given an opportunity to respond, within a very short period of time, usually twenty (20) days. Failure to timely respond could result in your loss of rights and the entry of a judgment against you. If you properly respond to the complaint, then the next phase of litigation is discovery – sworn responses to written questions and documents responsive to requests. In discovery, the parties “discover” what each one intends to present as evidence at a trial.

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During the litigation process, a trial is eventually scheduled. How formal the trial is, and whether or not a jury is involved depends on the type and the location of the case. Within the United States, most such cases are heard in the state courts but some are heard in federal court.

Endless streams of movies and TV shows illustrate what a trial process looks like, though usually with much more drama than the real thing. The needs of drama have particularly obscured a central fact of the litigation process, which is that very few cases — only 3% – 5% of those filed — actually go through a trial. Most cases are resolved before a trial, after a great deal of money has been spent preparing for the case.

Increasingly, settlements are reached earlier, through use of one of several alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures such as arbitration and mediation. At the O’Connor Law Firm we have over thirty (30) years of litigation experience and can help you navigate the complexities of civil litigation.

What can I expect?
First, we carefully investigate and evaluate each litigation matter to determine the best course of action.  Next, we explain to our clients any litigation options or alternatives that may exist. If a lawsuit is the only option, we provide our clients with a road map of the entire litigation process from start to finish.

We want our clients to understand what they should expect as their case moves forward to trial.  Throughout the litigation process we communicate with our clients so they always know the status of their litigation. Finally, if the case goes to Court, we have expertise to try your case and aggressively represent you with your lawsuit.

Serving clients throughout the state of Florida with U.S. Legal Issues
We have represented hundreds of clients in civil cases and we have obtained many large settlements and favorable trial verdicts. Part of our success comes from representing both plaintiffs and defendants. When we are defending clients involved in civil litigation, we put forth a vigorous and professional defense. When our client is the plaintiff, our actions are directed toward getting the results our client wants as quickly as possible. We can handle cases through trial and appeals if necessary.

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